Vulnerability Management

Need to solve the question of Vulnerability management in your company?  We will provide you with a solution to meet your high demands. The strengths of our solution are not only the following main features and specifics:

  • On-Premise HW/SW Solution
  • A license model based on the amount of scans per day
  • Possibility of scheduling what you want to scan daily or with another period, which allows for wide utilization even for a larger environment at a favorable price of the scan per IP address
  • Highly scalable solution for both segmented and separated data infrastructures and infrastructure of differing sizes
  • Scalable tests — for example, another production set and other lab environments
  • Authentified and anonymous scans
  • Highly granular role based access
  • Fast and intuitive GUI interface for both management and analytical work
  • Comprehensive API for full management, monitoring, automation
  • Effective reports e.g. Per: Result/hosts/ports/CVEs/Closed CVEs/TLS Certificate/Error messages...
  • Conceptual and highly secure solution for manual updates of VM feeds – essential for high-security environments
  • High level of timelness of VM feeds due to daily updates. Significantly helping to increase the ability to combat zero-day attacks
  • A solution that allows customer or independent inspection parties to complete their code control
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