Consultations and Consultancy

We will be pleased to provide you with our consulting, consultancy and implantation services, if you are interested in how to better prevent:

  • Operational downtime
  • Disrupting Business Activities
  • Evasion of sensitive data
  • Reputations lost
  • Cash losses
  • Decrease in productivity

How specifically can we help?

  • Activities focusing on the stabilisation and development of ICT environments, processes and human resources development
  • Proactive monitoring of technological components and their communication
  • Advice on what is new, functional and reliable on the market and within Your budget
  • Design of optimal solutions in terms of performance, scalability, stability, integration options, SLA, pricing
  • We aim to protect your investment – we will help to preserve and maximise the use of what makes sense in your ICT and provide alternatives to future development
  • Demonstration of individual solutions in a laboratory environment or a live environment
  • We will Provide our human resources to prepare a selection procedure or to supervise an already implementing project
  • We Can help you manage the unexpected situations resulting from personnel changes in the positions of Your IT guru, IT Manager or even IT director
  • Consultancy in the field of commercial and Open Source Solutions
  • Consultancy in the area of financing part of the investments to renew/upgrade your ICT infrastructure
  • With the preparation of the project, the processing of the application for subsidies and correct execution according to all requirements
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