About Us

We are a company focusing primarily on consultancy and consultancy services in the field of ICT.

Our intention to go to the market with our offer of services buildt on our enthusiasm for ICT and especially the enthusiasm to deal with the status and communications of these systems.

We've been focused on the ICT monitoring area for long time. Collection of operational and security data and their evaluation in the long term.

We realize that the change is part of every day and there will be no day when any change would occur. People optimize and adapt their behavior and behaviour based on their experience, physical and mental state, economic situation, day and time of year, weather, environment, family, employment and many other factors.

In the ICT case, this is an analogous condition. Only the inputs and manifestations are different and often without the possibility of an optimal response to the relevant change. We are aware of the intense pressure on our clients in their business activities. We believe that the key to a successfull decision whether, what and when to do are relevant data and information. Base on these data and inputs we can offer the most accurate recomendations and undertake proper actions steps. Every such step then requires determination, energy, resources.

There are always several paths to the target. We believe that with our knowledge and experience we will help you to conduct the right and optimal steps to ensure reliable operation and development of your information and communication technology.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Jiri Volek ICT Advisor, partner of the company NetUnit s.r.o.

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